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Apps for Medical Emergencies

There are countless apps available on the marketplace that fills every categorical need you could ever imagine, and medical reference and emergency situations are no exception.  With such a variety in price, functionality, and quality it’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost in the jungle of subpar apps, clamoring to just find a moderately priced, easy to use app that is quick to use and comes in handy in the event of an emergency or medical inquiry.

With some apps in this niche category costing upwards of $200, due to the breadth of the database or special functionality, we’ve found a couple apps that adequately serve health and medical emergency needs and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Goto Aid First Aid

By: Jaargon Ltd.
Premium Version: $4.99
Lite version (with ads): Free

While fiddling with your phone is the last thing you want to be doing in the event of an emergency, Goto Aid offers users an easy-to-use resource for those that wish to enhance their emergency care training or need a quick reference during an emergency. It also includes first aid and CPR information for your pets as well. The most helpful feature, perhaps, is the option to have the first aid read aloud to you so you don’t have to repeatedly keep handling your phone while dealing with an issue – the only caveat being, that you’re at the mercy of your smartphones volume levels, and in an emergency situation, it’s unlikely that you’ll be in a quiet environment.

The Merck Manual

By: Agile Partners
Price: $9.99

What common first aid apps lack in qualified writers and content, Merck delivers in spades. This health handbook is written by over 300 medical expert contributors and goes into great depth on medical issues and diagnosis, plus a quick reference guide for emergencies. All content is built into the app, meaning, The Merch Manual doesn’t require any network connection to use.  Compatible on tablets as well as smartphones, this reference app won’t leave you at a loss for content.


By: Healthagen LLC
Price: Free

The chief goal of this medical emergency app is to quickly diagnose a condition and help you nail down the nearest medical assistance. This full featured app allows users to identify and troubleshoot causes of symptoms easily with a drill-down symptom checker, similar to the WebMD style. It also allows users to store multiple medical records for quick reference. With full databases for not only illnesses and injuries, but also medications, procedures, and providers this is a must-have for smartphone owners.


Price: $0.99
By: UselessApps Inc. 

You may not be aware, but 911 is not a worldwide emergency number. What do you do if you have an emergency when you’re travelling for business or on vacation? Once the app is launched it automatically detects your location and displays emergency numbers in that area, including: police stations, fire departments, and medical services.