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Choosing an Emergency Care Clinic Over Hospital ERs

When the unexpected strikes having a go-to destination in mind for the treatment of a sudden illness or injury is an invaluable part of your emergency response arsenal. The first reaction for most peoplein moments of panic is to visit the nearest hospital’s emergency room. However, it’s not widely known that 24-hour emergency centers and clinics are far more effective at treating walk-in, non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses than traditional hospital ERs.

Less waiting

The average wait time is typically 10-15 minutes at Elite Care’s 24-hour emergency centers while the national average to wait in hospital ERs is 172 minutes for situations that are not life-threatening. This means that even on a crowded day at an emergency center can admit eight times more patients than a hospital ER.

High quality physicians

Elite Care offers all the medical services of a traditional ER and does so staffed by top ranked, board certified physicians.  Our physicians are able to successfully administer emergency services and when long-term care is needed we can admit the patient to their chosen hospital. Many emergency centers and urgent care clinics have much less rigorous hours for practicing physicians and therefor have less accidents than tired, overworked doctors at hospitals.

Fast turnarounds on labs and diagnoses

It’s not uncommon to wait days or even weeks for lab results or a physician’s diagnosis when visiting a traditional hospital facilities. Emergency centers like Elite Care can process labs and diagnoses much more quickly than emergency room environments due to the dedicated medical labs that are far less swamped than entire hospital labs.

Here are a few other reasons to choose Elite Care the next time you’re starting to panic from an injury or illness affecting you or a loved one: